Training Course

The aim is to create and develop local/regional/national recognition tools adjusted to the given country’s needs and local situation, so as the tool works in real life. The tools will aim at different types of recognition, such as self, social, formal and political recognition of youth work and non-formal learning/education. The validation mechanisms will be created by participants and will target different groups according to the diverse needs identified by the partner organisations.


  1. Raise awareness on different types of recognition tools of volunteers and youth workers in order to develop new tools adjusted to the needs of our realities, countries and organisations;

  2. Equip with the concrete skills on how to campaign for recognition of volunteers and youth workers;

  3. Planning future campaign actions for the local awareness-raising and information activities in each partner country (September - December 2019).

The Process

The Outcomes


were developed during the 5-day intensive Training Course


were developed to make concrete activities which will be implemented by the partner organisations locally


to the youth work association of the Balearic  Islands region to understand how they advocate for youth work recognition.