Project's Tools 
The main outcomes of this project are the recognition tools created by the participants and partners involved in the project
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It is very easy to use the tool of learning and earning badges to validate the competencies gained while volunteering.

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Video refleCtiVe

This tool aims to help young people to self-reflect and find the right language to describe their competencies by using visual video solutions to catch the possible employer's or donors’ attention with a Video CV.


Skills presenter

The tool is directed on self-skills audit and presents volunteers’ skills/knowledge in an understandable and meaningful way for employers, university staff which is the first step to make competencies from the non-formal education recognized for the academic and formal education environment.

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A self-assessment and campaigning tool to help the individual know the extent of his/her/their abilities and to improve upon them.

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Open Online Badges

The tool helps organizations to motivate their volunteers to be engaged and get the badges and validations to the competencies that they develop during their work, to bring more volunteers and motivate existed ones.



Youth Awards & Gala

By awarding and celebrating youth work well done, we can inspire young people and decision-makers to make the competencies gained through non-formal learning and volunteering better recognized.