The youth workers were welcomed by the Swedish organisations

The Study Visit of our project has been now successfully implemented from 17-23 June in the heart of Scandinavia.

Youth workers and young leaders from the partner organisations gathered in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, to explore the best existing practices of volunteering, youth work and recognition mechanisms of non-formal learning outcomes of the country.

In the agenda, participants worked on the 2 main directions during the week. Through the field visits partners investigated the good practices of implementation as to structures, regulations, mechanisms and tools in the youth field, youth work, volunteering, non-formal education. Participants from the partner countries paid visit to the youth centre Fryshuset, which combines sport and volunteering in youth work for reaching social inclusion. Another key visit was to LSU, the National Youth Council of Sweden. Participants got chances to ask questions whether there are youth workers who are volunteering or not, how their work is regulated and being recognised by the state and society.

The second direction of the 5-day Study visit involved making a conceptual framework for the project’s following activities (training course, local campaigns) based on the gained knowledge, ideas, information derived by the example of the Swedish experience. During the activity project facilitators introduced several concepts of tools for recognition and validation of the non-formal learning outcomes gained through volunteering projects and youth working. Participants were divided into groups and started to elaborate what needs to be done for making tools useful for their own contexts.

At the end the project team confirmed that the working process developing the tools is going to continue once the participants are back to their homes, because part of them are going to meet very soon in Palma de Mallorca for the training course of the project.