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🏆 Our Project Won the Prize “Learning that Matters” in the LLLAwards 2020 among 1200 applicants

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

We are extremely proud to announce that the project “Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability” was awarded as the Best Practice for “Learning That Matters: The Future of Skills” in the Lifelong Learning Awards 2020 organised by LLLPlatform.

With the Lifelong Learning Awards, LLLP takes a stand to celebrate creative and inclusive practices in education and training. The aim of the Lifelong Learning Award is to give visibility to innovative practices taking place all over Europe in order to attract public attention on lifelong learning as well as to inspire new practices and policies.

This year’s edition focuses on the topic “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies”. For such an exceptional topic, there was a special Jury appointed. The award received over 1200 applications, globally representing 32 countries, and 3 winners, for the 3 categories were only selected.

This long-term Erasmus+ project is developed by Social and Youth Workers and its European partners and aims to increase recognition of voluntary youth work in society and among youth field employers, to acknowledge and validate youth volunteering in local, regional and national level, develop volunteers’ competencies and link them to the labour market through validation of the skills and knowledge gained as a part of non-formal learning.

We want to thank the Lifelong Learning Platform and the Jury for giving such high value to our project and helping us to give more recognition to voluntary youth work and validation of competencies gained through youth field, which empowers young people to become lifelong learners.

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