Local campaigns were developed in Palma de Mallorca

The key activity, the training course, of the project was successfully implemented in sunny Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The main goal of the activity was to create and develop local/regional/national recognition tools adjusted to the given country’s needs and local situation, aiming at different types of recognition, such as self, social, formal and political recognition of youth work and non-formal learning/education.

Firstly, the TC raised awareness on different types of recognition tools of volunteers and youth workers in order to develop new tools adjusted to the needs of partners' realities, countries and organisations. Participants chose one tool and through exploring it and explaining to others, became more informed on how do they work.

The participants were equipped with concrete skills on how to develop their own tools for recognition of volunteers and youth workers. They were encouraged to work in groups and elaborate the tools to later test in their countries. They had chance to choose on which level do they want to build up their tools.

The third part of the TC involved planning future campaign actions for the local awareness raising and information activities in each partner country (September - December 2019). They developed campaign strategies, budgets and activity timelines to start once they are back.

The local campaigns are formed to test the tools locally and getting feedbacks on their strengths and weaknesses. Also they aim to raise the awareness on the concept of recognition on volunteering and voluntary youth work, which is a topic we rarely talk in the society.

The TC included a field visit to APROJIB, an organisation advocating for youth workers in Spain and especially active in the Balearic islands.