Open Online Badges

Educational badges to motivate and encourage the learning of volunteers

Type of the tool    

☒    Self-assessment tool
☐    Publication/Handbook
☒    Portfolio
☒    Website/Platform/Blog
☐    Assessment
☒    Certificate/Attestation
☒    Campaigning

Recognition dimensions addressed by the tool    

☒    Social Recognition
☐    Formal recognition
☒    Self-recognition
☐    Political recognition

Level of influence of your tool    

☒    National
☐    Regional
☒    Local
☒    Organizational
☐    International

Target group(s) for the tool    

☒    Youth workers
☒    Youth leaders
☒    Young people
☒    Youth organizations
☐    Organizations
☐    People from different social clusters
☐    Higher Education Institutions
☒    Employers
☒    Educators



To what problem does this tool target?​


The competencies gained during voluntary youth work are not reflected properly, recognized and validated by organization in most of the European countries.
The objective of the tool is to create s situation that will reflect, recognize and validate the competencies of youth workers.

How does the tool work?

1. The tool is developed on the platform, which you may access here.

2. There are 9 types of badges for the competencies and 1 badge for the youth worker, which will be given to someone who gets any 3 out of all badges.

3. Each badge has three-step/star to be grabbed. 
Below we provide the list of the badges:

1.    Leader
2.    Organizer
3.    Communicator
4.    Dedicated 
5.    Translator
6.    Fundraiser
7.    Negotiator 
8.    Digital Skills 
9.    Web-builder 
10.  Youth worker


4. Each badge has its own tasks and competencies that volunteer youth worker will develop during the implementation of the task.

5. The volunteer needs to be registered and start the task of any of the badge.

6. After successfully implementing the task, the evidence – video, pics, post, text, should be attached to the task and based on it the administrator will approve and give the badge.

The tool has also a campaigning component to reach better results.

  1. Dissemination tools - first you make an explanatory video for the wider public and young to understand how the badge system works. You can watch the animation video created by us, a tutorial on how to register and presentation.

  2. Arrange meetings with interested organisations (universities and NGOs) and youth centres. This tool should be explained well to youth organisations. Ask them to come to you as collaborators and get benefits from the issued badges. First, have an introductory presentation to the volunteers, asking presented participants to register and ask questions to you.

  3. After we add them to the groups for further connection and providing information about the tool on a daily basis. We spread the animation and tutorial as a main tool for motivation and technical assistance.

  4. We also arrange an evaluation meeting to see how far gone the progress of volunteers and their voluntary engagement. Summing up and planning future actions are important.

How can we create a new situation and bring change by using the tool?

The tool gives the solution to the issue of non-recognized voluntary youth work practice.

Organizations using the tool can motivate their volunteers to be engaged and get the badges and certificates to the competencies that they develop during their work, it helps the organization to bring more volunteers and motivate existed ones.

The formal recognition from the state or organisations will be a huge step forward, as we got always asked if it is recognized by others what we do for young people.

The platform is very simple and the animation video is a support to the system as it gives an explanation of why someone should use it. It takes 5-10 min to get the register, read the information on badges and tasks.

Who does the validation?

The administrator of the project does the validation of the competencies based on the evidence provided by the volunteer to the platform. Any organisation can apply to become a collaborator of the tool and use the issued badges. Contact us for collaboration.


More information about open digital badges is available in Badge Wiki here.

If you want to use the tool or have any questions, contact us.

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