“Raising the capacities of youth NGOs for rural youth participation in democratic life – VOTE!” project aims to raise the capacities of youth NGOs working with rural youth to encourage youth active participation in European democratic life and elections.
We believe that active youth participation and in particular rural youth political participation can be an added value for the development of our countries and communities. For this reason 14 organizations from different European organizations decided to develop a long term cooperation project on capacity building of rural youth political participation. Our project aims to contribute to the capacity building of youth workers from civil society organizations, particularly the ones working with rural youth and public authorities at the local and regional level to be able to increase the level of youth democratic participation. At the same time that focuses also on the capacity building of youth leaders from local rural communities.
In order to reach our project aims we have defined the following specific objectives:
a) To increase the capacity of NGOs working with rural youth to influence policy at local, regional, national and European level;
b) To empower local organizations staff to better involve young people in the decision-making process of their projects and activities;
c) To increase the political influence of young people in their communities by active participation in the processes of political elections;
d) To improve local and national youth policies and the competences of local stakeholders to work together (cross-sectorial initiatives) and with rural youth in developing new projects;
e) To develop instruments that can support youth NGOs that need to start working with rural youth;
f) To raise the level of awareness within the communities in Europe about the impact of the young generation, particularly addressing rural youth.


On the local level, the project is foreseen to have a significant impact on the implementation of training courses, local youth initiatives, and development of the action plans for raising capacities of rural youth. The priorities of this project addresses:

- Promoting the take-up of practical experiences in education, training and youth work in rural areas;

- Supporting the production and adoption of Open Educational Resources in diverse European languages on youth political participation (elections on local, national, European levels);

- Stimulating active participation of young people in democratic life in their communities, supporting their local initiatives and active participation in elections.



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